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Welcome to www.hindusamajswindon.co.uk

Welcome to the Hindu Samaj (Swindon) website. This website is intended for our members, friends and guests seeking information about upcoming events, our organisation, membership and general information about Hindu faith, culture and community. HSS promotes better understanding of Hindu community to the the wider community and service providers.

  1. Holi Celebration
  2. Holi Celebration
  3. Holi Celebration
  4. Holi Celebration
  5. BBQ
  6. BBQ
  7. BBQ
  8. BBQ
  9. BBQ
  10. BBQ
  11. Garba-Dandiya
  12. Garba-Dandiya
  13. Garba-Dandiya
  14. Garba-Dandiya
  15. Garba-Dandiya
  16. Diwali Party
  17. Diwali Party
  18. Diwali Party
  19. Diwali Party
  20. Diwali Party
  21. Diwali Party
  22. Diwali Party
  23. Janmashtami Celebration
  24. Janmashtami Celebration
  25. Janmashtami Celebration
  26. Janmashtami Celebration

Hindu Samaj (Swindon) is a not-for-profit volunteer’s community organisation. We are registered with the Charity Commission of UK.


Objectives and Activity

Hindu Samaj (Swindon) organises and facilitates various activities to support its member’s needs through:

  • Facilitation of cultural, religious and social events
  • Community welfare and development through mutual support and Network
  • Community representation on various local forums
  • General guidance for service providers and our membership
  • Youth development and sports
  • Mother tongue learning and widest participation in education
  • Promoting a better understanding of Hindu community in local and wider community
  • Supporting charitable causes with strong links to the membership